FIN inspect in Sestriere and approval for the operational phase

FIN inspect in Sestriere and approval for the operational phase

In preparation for the upcoming Audi Fis Ski World Cup, the summer Fis inspection took place on Thursday, June 30, and Friday, July 1. These two days represented two days of hard work. The various organizational aspects were examined in detail to arrive prepared for the race days.

The Alpine Ski World Cup competition, which will take place on the Olympic slopes of the Vialattea on December 10 and 11, 2022, will bring back to the Colle all the top female skiers in the technical disciplines (giant slalom and women’s slalom).

At the inspection, Gualtiero Brasso, the chair of the local organizing committee for the third consecutive year, was confronted by the managers of FIS, FISI, and Infront, a firm that owns the marketing and television rights. A first technical operational meeting took place in the late afternoon of Thursday, June 30, and an inspection was conducted the following day along the racetrack and at all areas relevant to the event to determine the best solutions and rules to follow on the field. The day ended with an official meeting with the Mayor of Sestriere, Gianni Poncet, who testified to the close synergy with the territory and the importance of working together to achieve the best result in the organization of the event.

Once received FIS approval and after defining the last details, we could proceed to the operational stage.

“I am very satisfied with these two days dedicated to the FIS inspection that have been positive and particularly useful – commented Gualtiero Brasso, President of the Local Organizing Committee – It’s crucial to do a thorough analysis of the work schedule during the approach phase of the races. Numerous ideas and projects have been examined with particular attention to opt for the best choices and arrive prepared for the important event that will bring the image of our territory and the Piedmont mountains all over the world.”